1.Question: How can I find new arrival item in thie web?
Answer: Please goto the last page in the Categories that you want see!
2.Question: Are your pearls real?
Answer: Cultured pearls are real pearls. Some people make the distinction between pearls produced by mollusks without human intervention (the result of a grain of sand landing within the oyster, for example) and pearls resulting from a stimulus to encourage the mollusk to produce a pearl. Natural pearls are extremely rare. The advent of perliculture - the science of growing pearls - made pearls accessible for us all.
3.Question: Are cultured pearls quality pearls?
Answer: Not only are cultured pearls quality pearls, but many of the finest pearls in the world are the result of culturing. Consider South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls and Akoya pearls. These pearls are all cultured pearls. This process helps ensure uniform quality and improve harvests.

The past several years, Chinese Freshwater pearls have also entered the market of quality cultured pearls. You see that in the designs offered by JALSH.com. The quality of these pearls has improved as has the availability of designer sizes, colors and shapes.
4.Question: Do you offer custom jewelry?
Answer: Yes. If a piece of pearl jewelry in our pearl boutique comes close to meeting your needs, but you would like to modify the length or change the style of pearl, let us know. We may be able to help.

Contact one of our Designers.(jalsh88@yahoo.com) Custom jewelry cannot be returned.
5.Question: Pearl daily maintenance?
Answer: Pearl by its warmth, elegant, magnificent, always cherishes for the people, is honored as jewelry empress. The pearl ingredient is includes the mechanism calcium carbonate, the chemical stability is bad, may dissolve in the acid, in the alkali, in the daily life is not suitable the contact perfume, the oil, the salt, the ethyl alcohol, the opaline, the vinegar and the dunghill; Cannot contact the banana oil and so on organic solvent; In the summer the human body perspires many, is also not suitable wears the pearl necklace, does not use must use the high-quality neutral soap or the liquid detergent washes gently cleanly, then air dries, cannot insolation or the roasting under the sun; When collection cannot put with the camphor ball on the same place, also do not place the bank for a long time in the safe-deposit vaults. Pearl degree of hardness is low. Wore the long white pearl to meet the yellowing, caused the gloss variation, the available 1%-1.5% hydrogen peroxide solution blanching, needed to pay attention cannot float the head, will otherwise tarnish.